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    A trail of “dreams and memories”

Welcome to the official website of Parnon Trail *.

* initial website, under continuous upgrades.

On a total of 200 km of continuous trail, we cross the mountain of Parnon and become part of the history, taking the breeze of the Mythical Peloponnese.

The alternation of mountain and sea gives a significant advantage to our routes, as we pass through the incredible beauty of Parnon forests on its outskirts, where we also hike next to the sea knowing the protected area of ​​the Mustos wetland.

The path is located within the administrative boundaries of the Kynouria province, where in the North we meet Tsakonia and its inhabitants, where the Tsakonic dialect is still spoken today.

Walking along the trail we find monasteries, churches, ancient castles, mythical caves and places of historical interest all with their own history, their own myth.

We are waiting for you on the trail of Parnon, in Kynouria, with a Tsakonic fragrance.

Supporters – Volunteers


Petros Tatoulis - Ex Governor of Peloponnese

Petros Tatoulis - Ex Governor of Peloponnese



Our vision : "The integration of the Archaeological Sites of the Peloponnese through a network of
hiking trails
of 1,500 km. Already 900 km of ancient trails are renovated by Social Enterprises,
Forest Cooperations, Club of Associations
and are delivered gradually within 2019. "