Evi Tatoulis: The road map for Parnon Trail has begun

Volunteers from the villages of Arcadia will revive the paths of Parnon after the successful citizens’ initiative for Menalon Trail. From September, the website for the Parnon paths will be launched, where citizens will express their interest and will be informed about the developments. It was also initially agreed to establish a co-ordinating body with the participation of clubs and volunteers, the Municipality and the Region and to initiate exploratory contacts with each community.

These were among other things the conclusions of the conference held at the St. Petros of Kynouria Municipal Office on Friday, on the 11th of August, by the Vice-President of the EU of Women and Arkadian politician Evi Tatoulis, the coordinator and volunteer of the award winning Menalon Trail and economist Mr. Yannis Lagos and the coordinator of the event, Architect Fotini Daliani.

“The idea for the revival of Parnon Trail began when two years ago we collaborated with Yannis Lagos at the inauguration of the first European-certified pathway in Mainalo which has received many awards in the past two years” she noted in her greeting in event the Arkadian politician with ND Evi Tatoulis. Ms. Tatouli warmly thanked the president of the community of St. Petros for the release of the room as well as all the elected, volunteers and presidents of the clubs who attended the event, the mayor of North Kynouria for his greetings as well as the representatives of the Region.

Referring to the experience gained by Menalon Trail, Ms. Tatouli noted that “it is a 75 km trail and day by day increases its length although it has been voluntarily launched by few people who have imagined something different for their region from the wilderness which today live our villages and decided to go ahead with volunteering and with their own hands in front “.

Our first thought with Yannis Lagos was mentioned by Evi Tatoulis, “it was if this citizens’ initiative was going well in Mainalo, why not do it in Parnon. Today we believe that the conditions have grown because the Menalon Trail is a path that has already taken its course, all those groups that support it have been built on its level to stay open all the time. Local income in the area around the trail is increasing by 15% per year, resulting in areas that only weekends allow guests to take daily coaches, hikers, mountaineers who come individually or even organized to enjoy this excellent beauty”.

Within the framework of a manning body that will try to organize both volunteers and municipal authorities, Arcadia’s ND politician, Evi Tatoulis, has called on John Lagos “to show the love he has shown in the creation of Menalon Trail and on the initiative of its citizens Kynourias, where we have a similar beauty in Parnonas. The Kynourians have the power and the willingness to cooperate with the Gortines, as collectives are very strong and active in our villages.

Evi Tatoulis noted in her statement to her compatriots that “Another feature of ours is that wherever we progress, to make our home and our home, the Kynourians always turn back to our place where we grow up our children who acquire the first images and their experiences here “.

“The idea of ​​Menalon Trail started from how the mountainous villages of Arcadia can be built on the model of the villages of abroad, where there are signs of the paths, routes and kilometers in the center of each settlement. This experiment succeeded in Mainalo, with joy I accept the challenge of repeating it in Parnon and joining the two paths through the fields of Mantinia. ”

Present at the event were Deputy Governor George Roumeliotis, Regional Councilor George Bakouris, Deputy Mayors of North Kynouria Dimitris Gavros and George Savourdos, members of the City Council, the leader of the major opposition in the Municipal Council of Ioannis Kambylis, local community presidents, representatives of associations of the Parnonian Organization – Moustos, the keeper of Parnonas Management Agency, Ioannis Dimitrakopoulos, the President of the Local Community of Korakouniou, the Member of the Association for Landscaping of Ag. Ioannis, Kourogyorgos Dimitris, the President of the Fellowship Community, Conviotis Panagiotis, the Cultural Association of St. Peter, Vardisiotis Georgios, the Cavemen of the Kynourias, Patriarch Yiannis, the St. John’s Adoration Association, Harbalis Ioannis, the Patriotic Association of Platanias, Kouklis Ioannis , President Kastri, Kokkoras Christos, President of the Agricultural Cooperative of Agios Petros, St. Peter’s Secretary George Lilis, the Canyon Mountain Mountaineers, Metaxotos Ioannis, the President of the Municipal Children’s Centers of Korakouniou, Aphanis Dimitris, the President of the Municipal Community of Astros, Dikaios Vasileios, the President DEYAT of Tripolis, Karalis Giorgos, from the Cultural Association of Paleohori, Kaklanis Vasilis, from the Cultural Association of St. Peter, Aphanis Elias, Social Enterprise Five, Karagiannis Giorgos.

The Mayor of North Kynouria, Panayiotis Mantas, sent a greeting with a message of acceptance of the initiative for the revival of Parnon Trails.


Source http://evitatouli.gr/