From the paths of the wise ones … to the Parnon Trail

On the 12th of May 2019, the Social Enterprise 5ENTE (FB Page) in a collaboration with the St. John’s Adornment Association, made a cleaning of a part of the old path leading to the village from its North side. With the end of the purification, we could not but admire the wisdom of the “old”, as they proudly say in our villages when referring to our ancestors, to choose the shortest and easier ways of traveling, in a difficult landscape relief. And we also could not ignore to admire their effort and their craft for the creation of the paths.

The path is part of the Parnon Trail, the path that will connect the villages of North and South Kynouria, 200 km long, highlighting the beautiful and hidden corners of our particular homeland. Parnon Trail is part of the hiking network of Peloponnese and is being implemented by volunteers with the support of the Peloponnese Region and the Development Company “Peloponnisos SA”

George Karayiannis

Social Entreprise 5ENTE