Leonidio (Ayios Giorgis) – Elonas Monastery

Parnon Trail

A difficult part that troubled us will be in the next few days in its final cleaning and the emergence of an old path. Leonidio (Agios Giorgis) – Elonas Monastery.

The Parnon Trail is a circular path of approximately 200 km that connects the villages of Parnonas (mountainous and seaside), which is a part of the Parnon Trail. from 2 municipalities of North and South Kynouria and is also referred to as Tsakonia’s path since 2/3 is within the historical and particularly important for its language and culture area.

Parnon Trail is part of a network of 1,500 km of paths that are Schedule Mythical Peloponnese – Mythical Trails of the Peloponnese Region, which will connect all the archaeological sites of the Peloponnese.