Paths of Parnon, “Parnon Trails”. The promotion of the paths of Kynouria started.

Last night, the speech by the Association of Tourist Lodgings of N. Arkadia, on the network of Peloponnese trails, namely Parnonas Trails, took place at the Astros Governor’s Office. . Honorary guest speaker, was the president of the award winning Mainalon Social Enterprise, Mr. Yannis Lagos.

A few words about Mainalon Social Enterprise »

Mainalon Social Enterprise, has managed to create the first path in Greece (with high quality certification from the European Federation of Hiking in May 2015) by providing quality services and not only! The Menalon Trail, stretching over 75 km, Menalon Trail, which passes through the villages of Stemnitsa, Dimitsana, Zigovisti, Elati, Vytina, Nymphasia, Magouliana, Valtessiniko and Lagadia, activating all the tourist infrastructure and services of Gortynia.

Upon completion of this project, the next goal is the union of Menalon Trail, with Parnon Trail in Kynouria.

This project will be funded along with other Peloponnese trails, worth € 1,000,000, from the Peloponnese Region, which was approved last week at the Regional Council. It includes the signaling of the paths, constructions where needed with iron oxides, for wages, as well as for the continuous updating and promotion of the work of the paths and the creation of maps …, which referred to the importance of opening the paths in our area, which will have the maximum effect and the extension of the tourist season to our place. Great importance and the benefit that everyone will have with the start of alternative tourism.

Project management, action planning and information will be undertaken by:

Mainalon Social Enterprise, which will have overall coordination.

The Social Enterprise 5ENTE will take the 1st route.

The Kastanitsa Forest Cooperation will undertake the 2nd route, a mountainous volume.

The Social Enterprise A Chora Namou,will take the 3rd route, in the south of Kinouria.

The Social Enterprise “Promo Kynouria” will take over the project’s information and promotion.

In order to achieve this and to proceed soon, good cooperation with the above Communes is needed. Continuous briefing with volunteers, village associations, institutions such as the SCK Association (Speleologists Climber of Kynouria), the Association of Mountaineers of Arcadia etc. to indicate the routes of the villages.

It has also been said that when the main network of paths is completed, they will be able to turn along other paths that are not included now, such as Xiropigado and other places.

The general plan now is that we highlight the old paths that are being crossed, that is, the rhinestones … and if there is any other suggestion from the draft better, change can be made ….

There was a lot of interest and attended by the above agents and volunteers, representative of the Region, Mr. G. Kavvilis, the major from the municipality, the architect engineer, Mr. Fotini Daliani, who supports the whole effort from the beginning as well …

See the relevant videos

Editing – Reportage: Fotis Tzipelopoulos-team Promo Kynouria / Social Enterprise

Check out a video with Mr. Lagos, explain how they did the Mainalon Trail …

See a video with Lagos, with the background and how the idea of Parnonas Trail

See route 1 joining route E4. It will start, Ano Doliana-Messorrachi-Kastri-Ag.Petros-Malevi-Blade Catacres-Agiannis-Ano Meligou-Hani Kopanitsa-Elliniko-Loukou-Eva-Astros-P.Astros.

See the 2nd route It will start, Hani Kopanitsa-Charados-Platanos-Sita-Kastanitsa-Ι.Μ.Kondolina-Prasatos-Ag.Vasilis-Platanaki-Paleochoria-Kosmas.

See the 3rd route It will start from Kosma-IL Elona-Dafnona through the gorge-Leonidio-Climbing park-Old road Leonidio Cheese-Traveler-Pera Melana-Prophet Elias-Vryssa Sapounakaiika-Ano Tyros-Polichora-ΙΜ .Karyas-Mountainous Korakovouni-Vrasiotis-Ag.Andreas-Par. Ag.Andrea-Pyrgos-Through Moussos-Paraskevas.

Cleaning-Signaling-Network Paths-Caves-Climbing Fields – Sea-Lodging

Questions 1 …

Volunteers, how can they help …

Questions how to update cleaning actions …

Mr. Kouklis, about the tulips … questions about the canyons and an accurate path map …

Region-Municipality & Associations of Associations …

Questions about routes-volunteers-management-briefing…

Event epilogue …

Surprise of the evening, “Pan – Ancient strings

What did he tell us before the event about the ancient strings and his relationship with our region, which he regularly visits …

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