Volunteers who will unite Menalon Trail with Kynuria

MAINALON Social Entreprise organized on Saturday a workshop in Astros of  Kynouria to certify a network of paths in Parnon.

The aim is to pass through tourists from all over the world and the economic development of the region.

The first meeting was held on 11/8/2017 in Agios Petros Kynourias at the initiative of Evi Tatoulis. The coordinators were appointed and during the summer we will have the final planning of the individual routes.

The path to be certified will start from Astros, will run through Kinouria (indicatively some of the villages that will pass through: Agios Petros, Kastri, Ano Doliana, Sitaina, Kastanitsa, Prastos, Ano Tyros, Pera Melana, Sabatiki, Traveler, Leonidio) and will end through Kosma in Geraki, Laconia.

It will be connected via the international path E4 (Ano Doliana – Tegea – Tripoli – Vytina) with the Menalon Trail.

Source of Arcadia Portal